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All new mounting kits, brackets and accessories are now available.

Please view our interactive catalog to help with the assessment and selection of the correct perma lubrication system and mounted installation kit for your application/equipment.


perma FLEX

perma FLEX requires no assembly or special tools. Just unpack, turn the rotary switch to the desired discharge period (in monthly steps of 1 to 12 months) and screw into your lubrication point.  Please click here for more information.

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Pumps Brochure
Tuesday, 23 February 2010 12:47
The Pumps brochure has been added to the Downloads page.

Profitability and efficiency of pumps are directly related to equipment reliability.  Correct lubrication is one of the main requirements for reliable operation and higher efficiency.  Many pumps are not lubricated as often as required because they are located in hard to access or dangerous areas.  But insufficient and incorrect lubrication of bearings and seals results in accelerated bearing wear and the development of impeller gland leaks.

All over the world perma automatic lubrication systems are being used to extend the service life of pumps.  They are economical, meet technical demands and tremendously improve workplace safety.
New Brochures Available
Thursday, 27 August 2009 09:12
Three new brochures have been added to the Downloads page.  Now available is a two-page brochure with information on the new perma PRO MP-2.  Also added are two new detailed Industry / Application brochures covering Electric Motors and Escalators. 

perma PRO MP-2:  perma PRO MP-2 is very suitable for lubrication points that require small lubricant amounts per discharge.  Main applications are roller and sliding bearings of electic motors, fans and pumps.  The system comes as a Plug & Play solution and is immediately ready to use.  Depending on the application, you may order the MP-2 distributor either with the battery operated drive perma PRO, or the machine controlled drive perma PRO C.  The perma PRO MP-2 can be retrofitted on any existing machine in your production process.

Electric Motors:  Improved reliability, reduced maintenance costs and less down-time are the keys to electric motor profitability.  For electric motors to run reliably at high speeds in day-to-day operation, they must be adequately lubricated.  Since many motors are located in remote, hard to access, and dangerous areas, they are not lubricated according to manufacturer's recommendations.  perma products are used on electric motors all over the world.  They guarantee reliable, automatic re-lubrication of motor bearings and seals.

Escalators:  The oil lubrication system perma ECOSY is a preventive maintenance method for escalators.  It connects to the escalator control and provides exact and individual chain lubrication.  The result is maximum escalator availability and prevention of unnecessary down-time.  Operational reliability is increased and disruptions to service are avoided.

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Product Videos

Our short, step by step video clips for CLASSIC, FUTURA, NOVA and STAR VARIO demonstrate how to assemble, install and exchange a perma lubrication system.

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