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Please view our interactive catalog to help with the assessment and selection of the correct perma lubrication system and mounted installation kit for your application/equipment.


perma FLEX

perma FLEX requires no assembly or special tools. Just unpack, turn the rotary switch to the desired discharge period (in monthly steps of 1 to 12 months) and screw into your lubrication point.  Please click here for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are larger units available?
Are your units Explosion Proof?
Are your units UL Approved?
Can I change the dipswitch setting on the STAR VARIO after it has been installed?
Can I lubrication more than one lube point on a single-point lubricator?
Can I move an activated perma from a bearing that is no longer being used to a bearing that is being used?
Can I remote the unit?
Can I unscrew the perma from the bearing while in operation?
Can I use a fluid grease with your oil brushes?
Can I use any oil in the Perma?
Can I use CLASSIC activating screws with a FUTURA?
Can I use the PRO outside or in wet environments?
Can the perma blow a bearing seal?
Can units be placed on existing grease lines?
Can units be refilled?
Can you adjust the discharge rate, per port, for the PRO MP-6?
Can you explain more about the chemical reaction in your chemical/gas units?
Can you program the amount of lubricant discharge rate for each port on the PRO MP-6?
Can you put oil in the PRO MP-6?
Can you use perma on Electric Motors?
Do I have to use all 6 ports on the MP6?
Do you have minimum unit order quantities?
Does perma offer electrochemical activating screws for different lubrication periods other then 1, 3, 6, or 12 months?
Does perma offer higher temperature activating screws for the CLASSIC and FUTURA?
Does the 1-month setting on the STAR VARIO push out more grease during the same timer cycles?

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STAR VARIO Generation 2.0

  • NEW LCD-display with push button that shows discharge period, LC size and operating status
  • NEW Discharge settings of 1, 2, 3, ... 12 months
  • NEW All-around visible LED lights that signal function and errors
  • NEW Pressure now up to 6 bar (87 PSI)
  • NEW Temperature range now up to 140° F
  • NEW Purge function

Product Videos

Our short, step by step video clips for CLASSIC, FUTURA, NOVA and STAR VARIO demonstrate how to assemble, install and exchange a perma lubrication system.