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STAR VARIO - Installation and Operation

Installation & Servicing Tips
Always ensure that newly installed bearings are pre-packed with grease.
Pre-lubricate bearings using a grease gun to ensure that the point can receive grease freely.  Clean all fittings to prevent contamination.
Decide whether to direct or remote mount depending on access and safety considerations.
Do not exceed the recommended line dimensions.
Select the desired TIME and VOLUME settings for the application.
Assemble the lubricator:
a) Seat the Drive Unit correctly onto the Lubricant Cartridge (you will feel it seat into the correct position).  Insert battery pack.
b) Fit the Drive Cover and screw into position.  Do not overtighten - screw down firmly.
c) Turn unit on and check that grease is being discharged.
d) Firmly attach the support adaptor (B110/B111) for direct mount applications.
e) Fit the protective cap (B700, B701, B702, or B703).
Write the date of installation on the lubricator and record the date of installation in the site maintenance scheduling system or keep a separate record.
Once installed the lubricator should be periodically inspected to check that accidental damage has not occurred.  Observe the LED signals and the position of the piston.
When changing-out empty lubricators, manually purge the bearing to ensure the lubrication conditions have not changed.


B700 Protective Cap
- STAR VARIO lubricators are supplied standard with the B700 protective cover.  Alternative covers are available for differing operating conditions.

Drive Unit Cover
- Forms part of the Drive Unit and incorporates the ON/OFF switch.  Connect to the lubricant cartridge and tighten firmly.  Do not over tighten.

Pack - A battery pack is supplied with every lubricant cartridge.  Always change the battery set when changing the lubricant cartridge.

Drive Unit
- Ensure the correct TIME and VOLUME settings for your application.  To assemble place the Drive Unit on top of the LC and seat correctly.  Then screw on the Drive Unit Cover.

Lubricant Cartridge (LC)
- Lubricant cartridges are filled with oils and greases.  Empty cartridges cannot be refilled.  The nozzle of the cartridge is 1/4" BSPM.

B110/B111 Support Adapter
- The support adapter accessory provides a durable connection between the LC and the point of lubrication.  It is recommended for all direct mount installations.  The support adapter is available in 1/4" and 1/8" Mnpt sizes.

LED Performance Lights


Operational Status
LED message
Initial purge when turned on
Continual red for 25 seconds
System on and operating correctly
Green flash every 15 seconds
System error (blockage detected)
Red flash every 8 seconds
Grease canister empty
Green & red flash every 15 seconds
Drive unit discharging
Continual red for 1 to 5 seconds

Operational Principles
The STAR VARIO consists of a drive unit, microprocessor including batteries (except for STAR CONTROL) and a replaceable lubrication canister (LC/reservoir). The STAR VARIO can be set for 1, 3, 6 or 12 month discharge periods. The STAR VARIO can also be turned “ON” and “OFF” with a switch. Make sure to pre-lubricate the lubrication point with the same grease or oil which is contained in the LC-unit. After setting the desired discharge period and size of the LC-unit, the lubricator can be screwed into the lubrication point. To activate it, turn the switch on the cover from "OFF" to "ON".

When the STAR VARIO is turned “ON” the motor will begin to run and the lubricant will be discharged. The STAR VARIO builds up to 5 bar (75 psi) of pressure at the initial discharge. With the discharge period set, the STAR VARIO will dispense either .13cc, .26cc or .53cc of lubricant depending on the size of the lubrication cartridge (60cc, 120cc or 250cc). The discharge periods can be changed during the lubrication period , if required (please refer to operating instructions, or call your local sales engineer). At the end of the discharge period, simply replace the lubrication canister (LC/reservoir) and batteries to begin a new lubrication cycle.

You will always be able to check the functioning mode of the lubricator by looking at the LED display. The red / green blinking lights indicate the status of the perma STAR VARIO (see the chart above for more information).

To reuse a perma STAR VARIO only an LC kit is needed. The perma STAR VARIO drive unit is reusable so only the LC kit is needed to reorder. A lubricant filled LC and a new battery pack is included in a LC kit and can be used with the current STAR VARIO drive unit. For operation in rough/wet conditions, you may order a protection cap.

Temperature Range
a. Recommended for use within the temperature range of 14°F to 122°F.
b. Prolonged temperatures exceeding 122°F may diminish the stability of the plastic reservoir and the resultant reduction of pressure resistance.
c. Prolonged operation below 14°F may cause a reduction in performance and battery life.

Storage Conditions
a. Store STAR VARIO and LC kits in a dry location. Recommended storage temperature 68°F.

Shelf Life
a. LC Unit (filled): ONE YEAR
b. Drive (w/o batteries): UNLIMITED
c. Batteries: ONE YEAR

Enclosure Rating and Certification
a. NEMA 13 / IP 54. Protected against dust and splash water.
b. CE Certified

a. Empty LC unit: dispose with standard grease waste.
b. Batteries: dispose at local waste disposal (battery collection) points.
c. Drive Units: not applicable. The Star Drive Unit is reusable for several applications.

a. LC unit = 1 year (also dependent upon lubricant manufacturer's warranty for life of lubricant)
b. Drive = 1 year

Remote Installations
Use flexible lines which are no more than 9 feet long and have an internal diameter of at 3/8".  Smaller diameter lines present increased resistance to grease flow.
Before installing, always prime grease lines and pre-grease bearings.  Minimize small orifice restrictions and ensure that the bearing will freely receive grease.


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